Royal Stage

Royal Stage tech info

The venue has a standing audience capacity of 1300 and a seated capacity of 900. The venue is situated at the centre of the city Aalborg, and you will be close to pretty much everything Aalborg has to offer. We hope that you will take the time to read the following pages, as they should provide you with answers to the most common questions prior to your concert here at Skråen i Nordkraft. Should any questions remain after reading this, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. We look forward to having you here and hope you will have a pleasant stay in Aalborg.

Contact names & numbers

John Pedersen, Phone + 45 3027 2576, Mail:

Signe Bjerg, Phone + 45 2178 8874,

Jørgen Nissen, Mail:

Royal Stage FOH

General information

Normally you’ll park in the place called ”Teglgårds Plads”  where you will find power for the bus. See map

Load in:
Load in is located at ”Teglgårds Plads” See map

Elevator capacity is 6000 kg. (w/2,5 m, - h/2,75 m, - d/6,0 m) 

Entrance (musicians/crew):
Thru load in and ”Kjellerups Torv” See map 

Production office:
2. Floor, see floorplan

Dressing Rooms:
2. Floor, see floorplan

Concert curfew is 02.00

Venue crew:
Depends on production size

dB Limits:
To ensure a healthy concert experience to our audience, and to comply with EU noise regulations towards our employees, we are enforcing a dB limit of 103 dB(A) averaged over 15 minutes (Leq 15 = 103 dB(A)). 

Skråen doesn’t use a peak limiter or circuit breaker in Royal Stage to enforce the rule.

Fire & Pyro:
As Skråen I Nordkraft has some very advanced firealarm- and sprinkler systems, please note that the use of smoke, open fire, pyrotechnics and confetti has to be approved by Skråen. 

We are not allow to turn off the fire alarm system. It's not allow to use smoke or hazeer exept house hazers.

PLEASE NOTE: National law prohibits smoking in public areas, including but not limited to performance and backstage facilities. We kindly ask you to respect this rule, as we did not invent it. 

Technical Specifications

royal stage

See drawing

PAand Light  is supplied by  Sound & Light- see drawing 

Standard spec:

02 x Flying system for d&b 
16 x d&b V8-12 / Y8-12 
12 x d&b V

04 x d&b D80 / 8 x D12 
02 x d&b Q7 / 10 – Y7 / 10front fill 

01 x Housebox for festivalsetup 
01 x Stands 

16 x Martin Mac 700 profil 
08 x ADB 1,2kw 9-20gr. 
16 x 2 lite-blinders

01 x 36ch ADB dimmer 
02 x Jem K1-Hazer

01 x Dmx multi 4par + Power 
01 x Avolite Tiger Touch 

The standard spec do not include follow spot, sound desk, microphone, stands etc. Contact Skråen for prices.


1 x 3x125A 
2 x 3x63A
2 x 3x32A 
4 x 3x16A 


Standard spec occupie 1 x 3x125A, 1 x 3x32A and 1 x 3x16A


Depth: max 8m
Width: max 14m
Height: 1,1m

Clearance: 7,8 m

The stage is a mobile stage system with 2mx1m podiums. 

Black Velour (cover the back of the wall)

In front of  stage and FOH  

Hanging points:
See drawing

There are no other hanging points in the room.